My own way

My own way

ذكريات Memories

I believe I have lots to do
I believe I am different
I can feel you
I can share your pain
your sufferings
I share you when you are alone
hidden in the darkness
covered with sadness
I am always  beside
around, and behind you
I believe I am  lucky
I am rich and deserve to live with you
sharing you  the memories
 the happiness
the wishes of tomorrow
I believe  I have one life
I can choose my way to enjoy
my paths to go
my friends to share
I believe I have one great love
just for you
I insist to live and love
my own way
having the spirit of all seasons
warm , cool, crazy and calm
Together we can do everything
we promised to share
we promised to care
never mind how ,when or where

2 Comments اضافة لك

  1. HM كتب:

    great words that travel far beneath the ocean of life,still proud of all my students who I have been teaching.

    1. rawmak كتب:

      Thank you for visiting my page and reading my words.And we are also proud being your students.

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