My Mirror

My Mirror
Let me tell you
why I love you
because you are the mirror
that never lies
where my worry
my fear dies
my Soul Mate
The best gift I‘ve ever had
The one I will always celebrate
The one who will never let me down
Who will be always around
The one who will like me always
When I am happy and when I am sad
The one who will listen to me
And never blame me
When I am angry and when I am mad
The one who will never be bored of my company
the one who will never leave me alone
when I am poor and my pockets hold no money
the one who will lend me a hand when I lose my way
The kind hands that would clear my tears
When life is harsh, and I can’t stand on my feet
My mirror, my soul mate

2 Comments اضافة لك

  1. abo karam كتب:

    !fabulous and gorgeous
    Your homeland are very of you:talented, poetess, prose writer, storyteller,artist(drawer) and family lover!! Kindly accept these words as you really deserve. you travel deep in the mind, soul,spirit and emotions!!!all respectance for this distinguishment and success

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