Moment of life

water lily
water lily
Moment of life
One eye open
One eye closed
                    The wheels are going so fast
Wherever you stop
Enjoy the chance
Walk, skip
Paint, write
Sing and dance
                     The wheels are going so fast
Wherever you stop
 Take a breath
Look around
At beauty
At the nature
Fly with the birds ever so high
Flow with the nature’s rivers
Never give up
Never stop
                                   The wheels are going so fast
The moment means a lot
Means life or death
Means love or lost
The moment is worth a treasure
Enjoy your right
Till the last
Station you will stop
Everything has it’s
Moment to disappear
 And leave
                                       The wheels are going so fast
                                                                 Somewhere the happiness
But it possible to find
Just don’t all the time
Calculate life
Measure it by mind
Follow your heart
Lots of happiness
Still around

2 Comments اضافة لك

  1. HM كتب:

    still wriing such wonderful words , really I cannot believe

    1. rawmak كتب:

      Thank you for your nice compliment.I am glad you liked it.

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