Love Poems

My name is Rawya Wadi

, It is my pleasure to share you my writings and paintings.  I would like to thank my husband, colleagues and friends for encouraging me to publish my writings

Our creative writer and Lovely teacher Gail Corbett had written this preface in our chapbook (Real Dreams) Sir SandFord Fleming College. Anthology 2005


Congratulation on your writings

Such varied and interesting backgrounds

You have found veins of gold, which are appreciated by your writings colleagues and other readers

Who are you

You are a writer because you write

Your mind lies wide open and you

Communicate your special thoughts

Readers are waiting. Never give up

You possess special gifts. Continue to offer them yourself

You family and the wider world readers

Write on and on and on

Gail Corbett

Creative Writing

 Fleming College, Peterborough, Ontario

3 Comments اضافة لك

  1. HM كتب:

    You are really a very great Palestine lady.It seems you have a wonderful family which inspires you all the way of your teacher,HM

    1. rawmak كتب:

      Your encouragement for our class was great and had long lasting effect as you see. English class was very
      inspiring for all your student Mr.Haydar. It’s my pleasure that you liked my page. .

  2. HM كتب:

    Thanks for prompt reply and my pleasure to hear this.I believe I have some wonderful topics to suggest for writing by a distinguished writer like you

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